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Have a Colourful Holiday in Batam
by John Natharal

Indonesia is made up of many islands and Batam is one of them. It is situated in the province of Riau islands. Batam is a great place for a holiday. There are so many things to do on this island. The most popular attraction is the waterfront area of the city which offers the tourists amazing water sports. There is more than you can do in the waterfront area like racing with go karts and a lot of shopping. The Ocean Water Park and another island called Barelang Island are two places that you ought to visit when you are here in Batam. Batam Center is the place that you can visit if you are interested in historical buildings and landmarks or even if you want to look at great architecture.

Batam is filled with entertainment and nightlife. For the best nightlife in the city you have to move to what is called the Nagoya district in this small island. There are a huge number of karaoke bars, popular night clubs and pubs. Two places that you might want to make a sure to visit are the Planet Ozon and Ozon Discotheque.

Go on a Journey of Taste and Class

Dining is something that is a part and parcel of holidaying here. But to make that experience of dining most memorable and to enjoy it, you have many fine restaurants that you can visit to enjoy the great cuisine. One of the most visited places for fine dining in Batam would be the sea food restaurant named Golden Prawn. This is situated in Bengkong and here is where you will get some of the best seafood dishes. Batam also offers a good fast food experience. A1 Pujasera, the Nagoya food court and Windsor would be fast food places that give you the best flavours.

Accommodation is one of the most important factors while on a holiday. Batam has numerous options when it comes to stay. Resort apartments are yet another choice that you can make. There is something new now called Kelong in Batam that is accommodation for those who like to watch sunsets. offers hotels in Batam that you can choose to stay in. You are given the option of staying in a luxury suite, a three-star hotel or if you are on a budget you have budget hotels too where you can enjoy comfort and class.

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