Greenjars (green jars) is the place where you can find pictures of food and drink.

Food link list, food recipes, articles on healthy food and more to come. We are a couple of food lovers who enjoy to share the useful information on healthy food and fresh diet drinks. Even more we enjoy making nice food pictures and posting them on our website. Our hobby is preparing different kind of food and drink, enjoying new tastes, trying out new recipes and making some of our own. Traveling along the way helps a lot to experience new types of cuisines and unknown ingredients. Like every good gourmands; we are not afraid to try "weird" meals unknown to us.

Using spices and vegetables in unusual ways to get brand new flavors is exciting thing to experience. They say love goes through the stomach and it is absolutely true. We are true Food Lovers and we like to use one special ingredient that nobody mention in the cookbooks and we use it a lot. It is love that makes meal tasting great and it is the reason why exact same food being prepared by two different persons can taste so much different.

Food lovers who always try to get more tasty FOOD PICTURES.

Truly magnificent emotions can be experienced when two or more people are trying something refreshing spicy, sweet and smooth, or all that together. Being it new fruit cocktail or a new kind of steak, surprising your tongue is always a great goal to go for. Making a picture of food that is good for our health make us happy and encourage us to make even more food and drink and again some food and drink pictures.

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Creating something out of nothing is the real creation and true food lovers from world of food city
 that is greenjars
(green jars) take a picture of food after every new recipe, our own or other professional.
Since we were kids we always tried to make new food recipes in our parent's kitchens and it was not always the case that we are successful.

But, as they say; "It is not a failure when one fails but when one never even try"...

I remember one time i add milk for over easy eggs; the other time i try fry some popcorn with the same.
It did not turned out to be some breakthrough combination to be honest...

We truly hope that you will enjoy the pictures of food as much as we were enjoying making them.

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